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Domain Mailbox


Kooboo offers a robust email server that comes pre-installed. When a domain uses Kooboo DNS Server, the MailBox function is readily accessible without any additional setup.
MultiDomain, MultiAddress
With Kooboo, users can manage multiple domains and addresses effortlessly. Each user account is associated with a unique Mail account, and domains are organized based on the user'organization. By default, users can create unlimited email addresses across unlimited domains, all of which share a common Inbox.
Configure Email Address
To configure your email address, simply click on the "Settings" option located at the bottom left corner of the screenshot. This will take you to the email address setting page.
There are four types of email addresses available:
General: Similar to addresses provided by other providers like Gmail.
Wildcard: Use "" to match incoming email addresses, where "" can represent any characters.
Group: A group that includes multiple email addresses. When an email is sent to the group address, it is distributed to all members within the group.
Forward: Forwards incoming emails to another email address.
Default Email Address
Users have the option to set one email address as the default address, which will be used for sending emails.