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This is a third-party API integration provided by Kooboo, as well as other companies. Kooboo acts as a unified payment gateway for these services. To use these services, you may need to recharge or provide credit card information.
The provided functionalities include:
Translation: Translation services for various languages.
OCR: Text and document recognition, including bank cards, invoices, etc.
Face: Identifying faces from photos.
GPT: Large-scale language model for advanced language processing.
Speech: Speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion.
Image: Identifying objects such as animals and plants from images.
Here is a translation example:
var text = "这是一个中文" 
var response=k.market.translation.TextTranslate("zh","en",text);
This is Chinese
Font Optimize is the process of removing unused languages from a font file to reduce its size:
var file =k.file.readBinary("fzzc.ttf")
var base64 = k.security.toBase64(file)
var res = k.market.font.Optimize(["en", "zh"], base64);
var byte= k.security.decodeBase64(res.newFont);
Bank card recognition
var bytes= k.file.readBinary("BankCard.jpg");
var image= k.security.toBase64(bytes);
var response = k.market.ocr.BankCard(image); 
The list of functionalities may continue to expand over time.