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Technology Coverage


To ensure sufficient innovation, we have implemented and innovated at a foundational level in the following areas:
Database Engine
We have independently developed various indexes and storage technologies such as BTree, BitMap, and Jumb Table, allowing customization to meet our technical requirements.
JavaScript Engine
We utilize open-source engines, including Google's V8 engine, and have customized and extended them for online programming, debugging, and support for technologies such as TypeScript and ES Modules.
Email Server
We have fully implemented all relevant protocols, particularly IMAP, which presents challenges in terms of client compatibility, with limited online examples available for reference.
DNS Server
All DNS records are dynamically generated, eliminating the need for users to manage configuration records. DKIM, DMARC, and other records pose significant challenges for ordinary users.
Web Server
We have made extensive modifications to an open-source server for enhanced security, usability, and other reasons.
DOM Engine
We have independently implemented all DOM parsing standards defined by the W3C. Our template engine is built on top of the DOM engine.
CSS Engine
We have implemented all W3C-defined CSS features, allowing us to track every image defined in CSS.
Below is a mind map illustrating our technological scope