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Content Type


Content type defines the fields of your text content. 


Creating a content type


On the left navigation menu, navigate to "Contents" and then "ContentTypes".

Click on the "Create" button to initiate the creation of a new content type.

To create a new field in the content type, click "New field" and define its properties in the field definition window.

To create a new field in the content type, fill in the necessary information such as the name, control type, and any other required details for the field.


Click on the "Save" button to save the field. Repeat these steps to add all the desired fields to your content type.


System fields


The system has four reserved system fields with specific purposes. These field names cannot be used for user-defined fields. The reserved system fields are:

Id: This field is used to uniquely identify a text content.

UserKey: The UserKey field allows users to define a key, typically used for creating URL query string friendly names.

Sequence: The Sequence field is used to specify the sorting order of the content.

Online: The Online field is used to indicate whether a content should be available for public browsing or not.


For the "Id" field, it is auto-generated as a Guid and cannot be changed or modified. However, for the "UserKey," "Sequence," and "Online" fields, you have the option to make them editable or disable editing as needed.


To access the system fields in the content type editing page, click the down arrow. This will reveal the system fields.



Control Types


Control type refers to the editing control used for a content field. When creating a field, you have the ability to assign and preview different control types for that field.

Current list of control types: 

Text Box
Text Area
Rich Editor


Multilingual Field


To enable multilingual support for your text content fields, you can do so from the field editing window.




You have the ability to define validation rules for your content fields. The available validation options may vary depending on the selected control type for the field.