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A label is a concise phrase or word


Create a Label


All labels are automatically generated. You can add the "k-label" attribute to the HTML code of DOM objects like pages, layouts, or views.


Once you save the object with the "k-label" attribute, the label will be generated automatically.


For example, the code snippet below will create a label named "labelname" with a default value of "Original Text". When the page is rendered, the "Original Text" within the <span> tag will be replaced with the actual label value.

<span k-label="labelname">Original Text</span>

To delete a label:

Remove the "k-label" attribute from the original source code where the label is used. Check the "Used By" column associated with the label.

If the "Used By" column is empty, indicating that the label is not being used anywhere, you can safely remove the label.




Navigate to "Contents" > "Labels" to access all the generated labels.

Mouse over the edit icon associated with the specific label. Click on the edit icon to open the Label editing window.


If your website has multilingual functionality enabled, you can view and modify the values of the label in different languages.



Scan Label


The "Scan Label" function allows you to convert multiple regular HTML elements into label elements in bulk.

To use this function:

- Click on "Scan Label".  The system will search for potential label elements and present them for selection.

- Click on "Add label" to convert the selected HTML elements into Kooboo labels.