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CDN function is exclusively available in the Kooboo online version. It offers two types of CDN: domain and resource. Resource CDN is particularly effective in accelerating website speed in mainland China.

Access to the CDN page is restricted to the admin of an organization.


Domain CDN


With domain CDN, you can point your domain's A or AAAA records to the server geographically closest to the request IP location. This employs the same technique utilized by other CDN providers to enhance website performance.

To enable CDN, simply click on the "Edit" icon in the screenshot provided.
ICP CERT refers to a certificate issued by the Chinese government. Without an ICP Cert, Kooboo is not permitted to distribute websites to CDN servers within China.
In the case of pages utilizing dynamic queries, Kooboo may identify them as unsuitable for CDN and disable the caching of their content on CDN servers. Alternatively, you can determine this yourself using KScript as shown below.
<script env="server"> 
Resource CDN
Enables the optimization of website performance by converting static content such as images and CSS to CDN resources. This allows the website's HTML content to remain unchanged while ensuring fast loading speeds within Mainland China.