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Language Link


Once a website is configured with multi-language support, the related links of the website should also be converted to support multiple languages. 


In normal circumstances, users do not need to take any action as all website links are automatically converted to multi-language URLs.


Language Parameter


If the website has enabled language path, as mentioned earlier, the language parameter will be reflected in the path. If not, the language parameter will be included as a query string parameter in the URL.


Language Path:  Example with language path: www.kooboo.com/en/pagename Here, "en" indicates the language path.


Language Parameter: Example with language parameter: www.kooboo.com/pagename?lang=en Here, "lang" is the parameter name, and "en" is the value for the language.


Language API


After enabling multiple languages on the website, users can manually specify language links or use the following APIs to retrieve relevant links for multilingual pages.

        <script env="server">
            var links = k.site.multilingual.CurrentURLs();
            var url = k.site.multilingual.getURLs("/relative");
            var langs = k.site.multilingual.cultures;