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Content Folder


The content folder is the designated location where your text content will be stored. When creating a content type, a folder with the same name as the content type is automatically created for you. You have the option to edit the existing folder or create a new one.


To create a new folder:

Navigate to "Content" and then "Content" in the menu.

Click on "New folder" to initiate the creation of a new folder.


Give your folder a name, and select the content type. 

One folder must have and can only have one content type. 


Relation folders

Folders can have relations with other folders, and there are two types of relations:


Category Folders: Category folders can have one-to-many or many-to-many relations. They are commonly used in scenarios where a blog belongs to a category or a book has multiple authors.

Embedded Folders: Embedded folders contain content that is specifically associated with the current content item. For example, a blog may have an embedded folder for comments.


On above screen, click on "Relation Folders", open the relation folders editing screen and choose the related folder.