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HTML Block


An HTML block is a lengthy static text used as a component inserted into a page layout.


To create an HTML block:

- Navigate to "Content" > "HTML Blocks."

- Click "New" to create a new HTML block.


An HTML block consists of two fields: a name and a body with a rich text editor.

HTML blocks support multilingual functionality. For more details, refer to the Multilingual chapter.


To use an HTML block on a page, follow these steps in the page design screen:

- Under the desired page position, click the "+" icon.

- Select "HTMLBlock" from the options.


In the opened window, choose the appropriate HTML block for the desired position.


Alternatively, you can add an HTML block to a page, view, or layout using the following code:


    <htmlblock id="blockname"></htmlblock>
   <!-- OR -->
   <div k-htmlblock="blockname"></div>