About Kooboo Mail

Grow your business with email marketing. Guaranteed.

More information, see: http://www.kooboomail.com

Key features:

  • Import/export subscriber lists by using a CSV file, Excel, or MS SQL server.
  • Dual mode campaign editing. Use pre-designed templates or a rich text editor.
  • 3-step campaign testing. Check your spam score, use a test list, and preview the email.
  • Merge fields to personalize greetings by grabbing a subscriber's unique information from the database.
  • Preview your email in more than 30 different devices including Iphone, Ipad and gmail. 
  • Create mailing lists with a catch-all address allowing subscribers to easily collaborate to an email thread.
  • Campaign reports reveal need-to-know statistics on the performance, your user census and more.
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