Submission plug-in development

Develop a submission plug-in for form value submission. More»

page plug-in development

Develop a page plug-in More»

Module development

Quick guide to module development More»

Advanced module concepts

Advanced concepts of Kooboo module, includes data storage, data communication, module settings, CMS menu configuration and others. More»

Technical articles

In this section, we will discuss various CMS development concepts and best practices. More»

Using Visual Studio.NET 2010/2012

You can use Visual Studio.NET to develop Kooboo CMS view/layout or extensions. To develop views and layouts, follows the following steps. Download and install ASP.NET MVC 4. Open your Visual Studio.NET, select Open Web Site Start editing views or layouts More»

Kooboo multi site solution

Multilingual website and localization has been a challenging issue for a long history. Especially in the European area, most international companies have offices in several countries. Kooboo provides a very unique and creative solution for multi site and multilingual website. More»

Switching content database

By default, Kooboo CMS runs on XML based data storage; it is suitable for websites with limited content, for example a small business website. For larger websites, you should consider using other content providers; we have provided support for MSSQL, MYSQL, SQLCE, RavenDB and MongDB. More»

Migrate from Kooboo CMS 2.0 to 3.0

Applications in V2 has been renamed into Sites. Each sites can manage its own layout, content display template, script, theme, page, label and file management. In V3, there are some new features like robot.txt, URL redirects publishing queue and system disgnosis. More»

Kooboo CMS load balance

This is an article about how to implement load balance solution for Kooboo CMS More»

Deploy Kooboo on Microsoft Azure platform

In this article, we explained how to deploy Kooboo CMS into the Microsoft Azure platform. More»

Some frequent asked questions

Some frequent asked questions More»

Another frequent asked questions

Another frequent asked questions More»

Kooboo products and raodmap

Kooboo team continue developing innovative products and solutions. This article shows you the products we have developed or developing. More»

Inline editing

Inline editing enable you to edit content directly in the front end of the website. Inline editing is turn on by default. More»

Content management

When you add or change text content on Kooboo CMS, Kooboo CMS will automatically create a new content version with the latest changes in it. More»

Content folder

This section deals with: 1. Folder management 2. Content management 3. Inline editing More»